Legal notice

Name of Manager : Mr Michel M. Razanajatovo.
Approval number : 041-13 / MINTOUR / SG / DGDT / DAIT / SAT
National guiding license Category B issued by the Ministry of Tourism – 017/06-MCT / SG / DG / DAIT

State tax registered
You are protected by our Civil Liability Insurance and Tour Operators Policy

Coverage includes :
– Operational civil liability
– Life insurance for tourists
– Civil liability for baggage
– Professional civil liability.

A collaborative tour operator in the License Category B issued by the Ministry of Tourism led by a National Accompanist Guide who has had a lot of experience as a field and wildlife guide throughout all the corners of the big island. From these 20+ years of travel experiences in all the eight corners of Madagascar, the manager, Michel Razanajatovo, has collected the best elements, and knows the best guides – drivers – restaurants – hotels and guesthouses, etc … to make your holiday fun, comfortable and full of unforgettable memories in this magical country.

Make the tour your own with MICHEL BAOBAB TOUR !

Hope to see you soon in Madagascar !