Southern Tour ( VEZO Tour )


Different from other provinces by its hot and dry climate, Toliara can be visited all year long. A unique environment, it will be a big pleasure for us to show you the south of Madagascar. The geology from Isalo to Ranohira is unique. A vast sculpted landscape shaped mostly by wind stretches as far as the eye can see. At the seaside is also the beautiful beach of Ifaty where you can take an unforgettable sea excursion – fishing, diving, and discovering marine flora and fauna.
Birdwatchers will find varied and unique birding areas. There is a tortoise rescue centre. One can visit the arboretum of Antsokay created by Swiss biologists; the park of Andavadaoka and the park of Tsimanapetsotsa (Spiny Forest) for the fans of nature and adventure. To crown it all, you should not miss the village of Anakao with its beaches of fine white sands, the ideal sea for diving or bathing. Sometimes, one can view whales in the area.

Antananarivo – Tuléar

Day 1 : Arrive at Madagascar’s Ivato airport in Antananarivo and transfer to your hotel.

Day 2 : Departure for Antsirabe (“high ground” landscape) via Ambatolampy city to visit a families producing artisan pots made from aluminum.

Afternoon in Antsirabe, city tour (walking, and visiting small local workshops …)

Accommodation at a hotel in Antsirabe

Day 3 : Visit to the volcanic crater lakes (Sacred Lake Tritriva and Andraikiba)

Departure for Ranomafana (tropical forest and thermal springs) via Ambositra (Zafimaniry area)

Visit to the small villages of the Zafimaniry wood carver craftsmen

At Ranomafana, take a 1-hour night walk – to see and observe wildlife visible only during the night. (nocturnal lemurs, sleeping chameleons, nocturnal frogs etc …)

Accommodation at a hotel in Ranomofana.

Day 4 : Visit to Ranomafana Park to spot and observe various species of lemurs which live in a tropical forest, also birds, medicinal plants etc …
In afternoon : free time to visit the village of Ranomafana , or the arboretum , or the thermal pools…

Accommodation at the same hôtel as night 3 .

Day 5 : departure for ambalavao passigng through Fianarantsoa ( the biggest city in Betsileo Province )
with a short stop to visit the old town of Fianarantsoa .

Afternoon in ambalavao to visit the local workshops of wild and domestic silk spinning mills ,
Antaimoro paper manufactures ( natural paper ) , etc..

Accommodation at a hôtel in Ambalavao .

Day 6 : Visit Anja Park ( villagers’ community park ) to see and observe “Maki catta” lemurs , the emblem of the southern Madagascar .

Afternoon : departure for Camp catta in the Tsaranoro valley ( beautiful landscapes and panoramic views )

Accommodation at Camp catta .

Day 7 : departure for Ranohira ( Isalo park )
– cross the large dry valley of “ankaramena ” and the vast plateau of Horombe ” land of Zébus ” ( long – horned cattle )

Afternoon in Ranohira .
Accommodation at a hotel in Ranohira .

Day 8 : visit to Isalo park
– A hiking loop to visit the different sites inside the park includings the natural swimming pool , the Isalo ridge , the canyon and the valley of Namaza ( full of lemurs ). , and the 2 black and blue swimming pools .

Afternoon and night at the same hotel as night 7 .

Day 9 : departure for Tuléar city and the seaside villages , passing through different villages of gemstone seekers ( sapphires , etc…)

– Transfert to the hotel on the beach

Optional late in afternoon or the evening , visit to the baobab forest or the thomy dry forest , wich is home to many variéties of birds and medicinal plants .

Day 10 – Day 11 – Day 12 : Seaside stay
Choice of Snorkeling , Scuba diving , Sea excursion etc… ( at additional coast )

Accommodation at the same beach hotel as night 9 .

Day 13 : transfer to Tuléar aéroport , fly to Antananarivo , and transfert to your hotel .

Day 14 : city tour with a local guide to see and learn about the history of Antananarivo , the capital of Madagascar.

– Return to the hotel or Transfer to Aéroport ,

End of Program.


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