Michel Baobab Tours is fantastic! I just spent a week ( nov 18-25) on one of his tours and was so impressed. I wanted something customised with lots of wildlife time but also a bit of beach time. This trip was east and west but you can go anywhere. Michel is an experienced and highly respected national wildlife guide with a great network of drivers, local guides and people who value conservationism. I saw so much- 11 species of lemur including my favourite Pygmy mouse lemur! Sleeping birds and butterflies on the night walks and beautiful chameleons and all kinds of animals, birds and crazy insects - so cool. Things were well organised and Michel was always flexible if you wanted to change things up a bit and spend more time in a spot. I usually travel on my own but it was really good to go with Michel so things were arranged and I could focus on the good stuff not logistics. If you want to see Madagascar and work with someone reliable, get in contact with Michel at or . Such a good trip!