Visit Madagascar and discover it differently

Being the largest island in the Indian Ocean and located 400 km from the east of the African coast, Madagascar is a country renowned for its rich fauna and biodiversity. With its varied landscapes, its lush vegetation, its baobabs, its rice fields as far as the eye can see, its white sand beaches, its cultures and traditions, to visit Madagascar is the dream of all travellers.

Reasons to visit Madagascar

Madagascar is one of the best destinations in the world. A trip to the country is synonymous with escape, discovery and above all wonder. Each region of the country fascinates with its varied landscapes and cultures. In the north, you will be amazed by the beauty of its islets which are a true tropical paradise. The ideal place to spend a summer vacation in a postcard-worthy setting between white sand beaches, turquoise sea and coconut palms. To the west, you will discover endless savannas crossed by numerous rivers. It is also in this region that the majority of Baobab species are found. The east of the country is full of lush vegetation set by beaches and lagoons of unique beauty in the world. The center where the country’s capital is located fascinates with its rugged terrain and ancient palaces, a vestige of the history of its kingdoms. The South is especially marked by its sun, which shines all year round, and the cultural richness of its premises.

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What to see in Madagascar ?

An all-inclusive trip to Madagascar is the ideal way to contemplate all its riches and spend an unforgettable vacation. If you are wondering what to see in the country, the answer is long. Natural parks, traditional villages, species of baobab, white sand beaches, royal palaces… the country has so much for you to discover. If you are passionate about history, we will take you to the capital of the island in Antananarivo. Your day will be marked by the visit of many historical monuments such as:

  • The Queen’s Palace
  • Courthouse
  • Andafiavaratra Palace
  • The royal palace of Ambohimanga
  • Andohalo Cathedral

If you like adventures in the great outdoors, we will take you to Isalo National Park. Its landscape is reminiscent of the Grand Canyon with a forest and natural pools. If you prefer moments of relaxation in heavenly places, Nosy Be and Sainte Marie Island will not disappoint you. Heavenly places that guarantee you a total change of scenery.
For your next vacation, don’t hesitate any longer and choose Madagascar as your destination!

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